Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This site, quite possibly mimics the very existance of all sites that used to give an option to the user to choose between FLASH and HTML. The site is available only for FLASH viewing, yet very smartly it submits to the idea of identifying the user being either a designer or a client. The site(both 2d and 3d) is very tastefully done and it has quite a good feel about it, i only wish the colors had been a little bit more varied, or atleast if it has a one color thing going on - should just have been little bit brighter.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Here is an extremely well crafted website. Ok so it takes some time to load, but the thing about using flash is, even if it takes some time to load - that is if it gives u enough time to go get a quick bite or something - when its done with loading, you should have something that was worth the wait. This one takes it away. The design is elegant, crisp and shows the potential of the company. A very powerful, and effective site.

Friday, June 02, 2006


The reason this site makes it is simple, its kinda entertaining, its fun, it takes very little time to load and it is functional. I'm not very sure about how a client might react to the site being a little more entertaining than it might appear funtional, but the site sure is wonderful yet simply done. With the right blend of colours and styles, it makes for a good summer experience.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Here is an example of an extremely simple, yet powerfully effective site. The site employs a very simple and clean way to tell the story. If you cannot get this site, you gotta be given an award for the most-internet-unfriendly-person, or something like that. Even though the site is extremely simple, the powerful(need not be big in number) content makes up for quite a portfolio. Again a very well laid out, client friendly site.


This is an example of a site that seems to have a complete package. The site is, again, pure Flash, but it loads pretty quickly. It does'nt have a very splashy loading page, but again, when it loads so fast you dont require a splashy loading page. The colours are all very crisp. There is a nice background pattern that goes with it too. The smart thing about this page is that, while looking through a project, other tiles from the same project keep loading in the background, which makes it look even faster while scrolling through. All in all a very simple, effective yet impressive site.