Friday, September 29, 2006


A really fantastic personal portfolio in Flash. This site loads quickly, the navigation is really simple and well made. The drag style color coded drag wheel kinda central navigation is really something that works well. Its also got a real fun guestbook and the site implements some nice soothing colors!

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One more seemingly client friendly site, designed completely on the lines of direct showcase of the works, done beautifully and artistically simple. Only thing apparently the client would have to have a good speed internet connection, but then again when anyone is looking around for such high definition work, you are expected to have those kind of natural support!

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Nike sites are always fun. This site is quite powerful in the sence of being a promotional site, its young, inspiring and quite fun. Along with being all that it reconfirms Nike's potential to be a global leader in sporting goods, and the site just brings that attitude out!

Monday, September 25, 2006



Here is another example of a strong client-friendly site despite fo the fact that its made in FLASH. The site's entire homepage content is a demonstration of their work capabilities. The site is extremely simple to navigate with extremely minimal navigation. The colors are very pleasing, the fonts are just right and the fixed photo background on different links gives a good personal feel to the site. I only wish they had a better logo!